A Big Art Experience Oh Boy!

A Big Art Experience

No plans to move

I live in Aarhus and have done it all my life, and I have no plans to move to any other city.
OK! But maybe just right with New York as an exception.
And it could not be less than a big Art experience. Oh Boy!

Well, On this lovely summer day, I feel like seeing some great art.
And so, I walk the short way from home to Aros, which is the city’s largest art museum and known for hosting the artwork “Boy.”
And to me, an impressive work of art, cast in fiberglass by Australian artist Ron Mueck.
Furthermore, it is permanently in the exhibition.

To begin with, He is big of a size, and sitting there in his forward bent position; I feel the joy of reunion strikes me again.
And so, even that he makes me feel small in the room because of his size. Oh boy! A great boys’ experience.

But soon, I also see and feel a contrast from grandiosity to an expression of shame.
Like,  Boy is reduced to an almost small and fragile size in its expression.

I do not see it as creepy or in any way intimidating. But, sure, some do.
Also, I don´t see any of the smaller visitors being intimidated by him, somewhat astonished.
Oh Boy! he aims at young and old, adults and children.

Silence In The Room

Oh boy! A great boys' experience at Aros Art Museum By Sam Bird Djursfeldt

Boy Looks

And so, everyone can find an angle from which they recognize something inside themselves in the sculpture.
Such as, I recall something from my childhood, something that pops up as I move around the Sculpture.
And like, when I stand and look at the sculpture in the room and the silence.
It is part of my experience to listen to other visitors’ first encounters with him. “Oh boy!” one has often heard someone exclaim. Oh boy!

Boy does not make noise in the room. He is mouse-quiet, waiting and shielding from the outside world.
I steep a little backward from the noisy crowd that suddenly appears in the room.
And I look around to see if there is anything or anyone Boy is hiding from. But I can’t see anything or anyone.

Is he ashamed of something?
Or is he playing hide-and-seek with something coming from outside that is even bigger than him?
And if so, I would like to see that thing. I think that would be a big art experience too. Don´t You think?.
I experience it differently depending on the angle I see it from, accommodating from some tips, and from other angles, I see it as more closed. And it feels and is experienced very differently.

Above all, an impressive and exciting memorable sculpture to explore. All in one, a significant art experience. Oh Boy!
Especially after they moved him some floors up.
Seeing the work in a more suitable space significantly unfolds the viewing potential to the good side, hence a quality-improved sculpture experience.
Oh Boy! see it.

Sam Bird Djursfeldt

And finally, with “big” in mind, go check out bigart.ca 

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