About me


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Name: Sammy Djursfeldt

Education: graphic artist 1988, multimedia designer 2004

Residence: Aarhus, Denmark

“Sambird” is my graphic portfolio, and space for ideas, thoughts and topics I have passion and interest in.
Wordpress is one of the things I have worked with and done assignments in as a graphic designer.

I ain’t Mr. Right, but I’m Mr. Photoshop Right Now

I love Adobe and their programs and have been working with Photoshop since the first version was released in February 1990.

Interests: Music, Movies, Art, Design, Ufology.

Ongoing projects: Maya 3d, SEO, Music (guitar / band) healthy food and exercise.

Sam Djursfeldt • Uomo Universale

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My Galleries

The things I have chosen to present in the galleries are predominantly of a subjective, perceptual psychological and somewhat artistic character. And to a lesser extent a portfolio for existing companies or projects.