We Are Made Of Paper

A Paper WorldWe Are Pulp People In A Pulp Fiction. From nature we create paper. On paper we create our culture.

Are We Paper People In A Pulp Fiction?

In this text, we go in-depth with something as familiar as paper or pulp.
Because paper has a significant impact on our historical development, and the story itself is also a book of events printed on pulp.

The same goes for laws and regulations in our society. They also appear on pulp in thick law books.

And, imagine the same world, but without it. Then, of course, we have a completely different picture of the world. But, it is also almost impossible to imagine. Because, without pulp, it would not be this world.

For example, there would be no libraries because the shelves are empty, and what else should be on them? If not, books made from pulp? And what about the library itself? The same goes for the building, drawn as a plan made of pulp and realized to a building. And, the same goes for pretty much everything imaginable in this world.

A Different Human

A Different Man.
Without pulp, being human would also be something completely different.
Few would go with glasses because no one reads. It wears on sight to read as much as we do. Reading is not the primary purpose of our vision. On the positive side, no one will lose their lives in traffic because the condition for such an incident is not present. After all, roads and vehicles could not exist without their drawings on pulp.

On the other hand, many would also die because there are no hospitals with trained doctors and nurses without having documentation on paper proving their title. Nor any medicine for the sick.
Because, how should one be able to document development and research results?

From Love To War

Love War And Paper Is What This World Is Made Of

Nor will love be the same without paper if we think of the piles and mountains of love letters collected in drawers and chests since the paper invention. And take into account all the paper pieces that went to the flames of the fireplace. Or in the paper basket with crumpled or torn words about love and hate. All this is also on pulp.

We now clearly see that everything begins on paper, and everything ends on paper before it takes shape in reality and infinity. And that goes for everything from love to war.

The Forerunner

The Forerunner For Paper

Before pulp invention, they used parchment made from animal skin, a costly process, and therefore a sparse product available only to the rich.
Instead, they began making pulp products from old rags.
There became the forerunner of what we know as paper today.

Screens Of Light

A Super Plan

So without pulp, the world will no doubt look different, but how?
It’s not easy to answer, but I can at least say that this particular text you are reading here is not written on paper, nor is it available in print.

And this is probably the case with many other texts in folders on computers or as messages on mobile phones. But that is because there are plans on paper that form the basis for these tools.

A Paper TigerThe Paper Tiger World

One might then finally ask if we could not have an equally modern world with only blackboard and chalk?
Or sand and a stick?
And get a world where everyone lives in paperless marriages and does not fear the paper tiger lurking behind the bush?

S. bird

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