Ramp N Roll A graphic concept by Sam Bird for a fictive Skateboard brand

Ramp N Roll Portfolio

The Connection Between Ramp N Roll

Ramp N Roll Portfolio is a word game I made up that refers to Rock N Roll. Like so, I create a connection between the two.
Besides, performance arts like skateboarding and rhythmic music have much in common in all their diversity that binds them together in a shared
universe. Like, the connection to music.
Also, there is a visual link, such as graffiti. As one notices when approaching a skating environment and a ramp.
Besides, tags can be seen everywhere, on walls, on clothes, and the boards.

With this in mind, it is a very dynamic and explosively visible world to move into, seen through the eyes of a graphic artist.
If you wonder, this is also a portfolio for all the crazy stuff I do in life.
However, I think I have forgotten something? Aha! Oh yes! I have to put an internal link here somewhere in the post, so why not about here: Project Honda.
And, we also need an Outbound link to satisfy the google SEO bot beast. Let´s link to Learn WordPress.

More Raw Paragraph Food

“Close, but no cigar.” By now, for Ramp N Roll Portfolio, all but one SEO indicator telling me this post is too short. Actually, it is not even half the length. Oh boy! This beast is hungry for raw paragraph food.
Let´s see if her belly is full now?

Just A Spoonful More Words

Almost, this is the last spoonful paragraph of R.N.R.P. Witch is a short word for the post title.
But, if I write the title again, the Beast will no longer show me its happy green face but turn red. Like, we put too much salt in her food.

And, now she is done.

by Sam Bird

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