Reborn Junk Art by Sam Bird

Nature And Reborn Junk Art

Dive into earlier art periods, we see that nature is the key to insight and education because nature formed the framework for culture and its existence. But take a look in the later modern period, the cities and infrastructure of culture have branched out and replaced it. Now you do not have nature close to, or between you, as before. Because now the stage and scenery are created in asphalt and concrete. And with modern high technology with a forest of media as the new surroundings and Reborn Junk Art.

Unnatural Surroundings

We are now a lumpy culture living in a consumer race, tightly packed like caged chickens. From the time we wake up until we go to bed.
Like,  former natural surroundings, which were an everyday sight, are now a more or less rare sight.

And for others, almost an unnatural part of life. As a result, nature’s sonic surroundings are also displaced by the ever-spinning hamster wheel of consumer culture. Something we inevitably have to deal with in the new modern, transformed world, away from the embrace of nature.

The Advertising Signs

The Last Supper- Paraphrase by sambird

To see is another thing now. In culture’s most visible and dominant icons, the advertising signs are disciplining with the direction of the arrow or the finger of the hand pointing towards a massive material consumption.

So What Is The Purpose?

And the signs are presented as icons of light and hope in the darkness where the culture would otherwise disappear.
Because in consumer culture, the main purpose is not to educate. Or look into and understand a complex, ambiguous work of art.
That time is over.

Industrial-Made Soup

The modern mentality is now evident in art because there is no quality spiritual food with nourishment and vitamins.
Like, for the mind to soak into soul and consciousness. And thereby, the spiritual optic nerve is cut.

And as a result, the spirit of insight and contemplation for the one who sees, withers, and dies out.
Because the “spiritual” artificial food has become a cheap, industrial-made soup liqueur.
And then, put on the table for the last communion of culture.

Reborn Junk Art

The table abounds. But unfortunately, most of it from the dangerous empty calories from TV entertainment.
Also, together with social media and commercials.

And so the consumer culture lives a colossal amount of waste, or as we say, “Junk.”
And it is in the rubbish heap of this culture that some find, see and select parts and remnants of waste.

Witch, After a short creation process, resurrects and becomes newborn art.
Like, a bird with outstretched wings and flight-ready.
And like “Pop-Art,” the reborn light and savior of culture has arrived anew.
Art is not dead.

Junk Body Parts
But, for those who cannot see, there is greater hope than those who can still.

Out of junk, you have come.
To junk, you have to stay.
And of junk, you have to re-emerge.
Oh boy! A Big Art Experience.

By S.Bird – inspired by “The Shock Of The New.”

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